The Central Coast Food Alliance

“To foster the development of a thriving Food,Agriculture and Beverage Industry that contributes to the social and economic development of the NSW Central Coast”

There are four strategies that underpin the activity of the Alliance. These are

  • Foster and Enable Collaboration

  • Capability Building

  • Provision of resources 

  • Developing Talent

Under these strategies it will develop initiatives around:

  • Growing and developing the talent pool to support existing and new business.
  • Shaping expansion of the industry in the region (e.g. supporting startups, expand existing businesses, enticing new businesses into the region).
  • Contributing to the social and economic impact on the Central Coast region and its environmental foot print..
  • Creating a clear identity for the Central Coast, based in FB&A.
  • Collaboration to develop unique product offerings and services and to share learnings to benefit one another.
  • Generating Cost benefit opportunities by leveraging the clusters collective knowledge, buying power and access to government and non-government programs.