By being part of the Central Coast Food Alliance you will benefit from:

New Views

  • New and different ways of thinking, working and doing business
  • Ensuring that businesses innovate for the future and optimise operations for today

Cost Opportunities. Providing a platform to

  • to collectively to look at energy savings opportunities.
  • to collectively procure products and services.
  • to extract maximum value from waste streams.

Changing for a new world

  • Enabling businesses to overcome challenges
  • Catalysts to create the environment conducive for transformational change
  • Guidance and support from each other to provide new ways of working.

Connecting, integrating and collaboration

  • CCIC’s holistic approach connecting industry, government, research and education
  • Facilitates collaborations that lead to surprising and unique opportunities
  • The industry voice to the Central Coast Food Innovation initiative

Social licence to operate

  • Respect from the community for skills development and employment growth
  • Economic development that supports infrastructure for social needs

Information, knowledge and skills

  • Business critical and enabling information to the industry
  • Working with education providers to ensure industry requirements are met.
  • Providing a platform for work integrated learning
  • Pathways for access to national and international industry networks