Central Coast Food Alliance “Building Networks event”

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Good roll-up to Central Coast Food Alliance ‘Building Networks’ event

The Central Coast Food Alliance held the first of its food industry ‘Building Networks’ event for 2020 in mid-February with over fifty food industry participants attending. The Alliance falls under the watchful eye of one of the region’s most trusted brands, ‘Central Coast Industry Connect’. “Just as Industry Connect is built on a foundation of collaboration, and strong networks, the ‘Building Networks’ event series for the Food Alliance allows food industry piers to build important relationships, expand knowledge, and develop opportunities,” said CCIC Executive Officer Frank Sammut.

The event was exclusively for business from the agriculture, food, beverage manufacturing and processing, and hospitality sectors including food support services. We heard from Peter Crane, Chair of the Central Coast Food Alliance on what has progressed since the inception of the Alliance, and more importantly, the type of support and opportunity the Alliance offers business and the sector at large.

A video presentation that the Alliance had made featuring Oz Tukka, producer of Australian native spices and oil products based at Redhead in Lake Macquarie was screened for the participants. Linda Dipper and Ray Kochel discovered bush foods 18 years ago and ended up buying the Oz Tukka business. In 2018 they were invited to attend the Fine Food Australia exhibition in Melbourne as part of the Flavours of NSW stand. “It is important that we tell the story of food. There are some amazing companies in the sector producing fantastic products, and it’s important that we highlight the talent in the sector, not to mention diverse range of career opportunities available” said Alliance General Manager, Dan Farmer.

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